Tea & Tentacle Porn

Tentacular Tales #0.5

Who doesn’t like tentacle porn?

Despite my initial bravado, a niggle of self-doubt creeps in. Oh, hell no. I shut that shit down. Drawing on my inner sci-fi geek powers, I go to my happy place and picture the Doctor (aka David Tennant because he will always be THE Doctor in my book). With a smile, I channel the essence of his badass self-confidence and adorable cheekiness as I remind myself: You are amazing. You are kickass. They’re going to love your story. It may be smutty, but it’s super fun–and hot–smut. 

I glance around the table at my companions and try not to cringe.

Well, some of them will love it. 


“Let me get this right,” Edith—who’s sitting across from me—says, peering over her bifocals at the printed pages clutched in her wrinkled hand. “Tonight we’re going to critique a chapter from The–ahem–Ten-Tac-U-Lar Tales of Captain Starblade?”

She squints at me for verification and I nod, tugging nervously at one of my unruly, blond curls.

To my left, Gary makes a ‘harrumph’ noise that doesn’t bode well. 

Ugh. He’s a prejudiced prick, anyway.